House 50

Subject:Flexible project (P-flex) – Half lot

Academic advisor: Silke Kapp


In the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte it's fairly common the commercialization of the so-called “half lot”, a division of the default lot of 360m² by two proprietors, followed by the construction of two mutually independent housing units. Some city halls do not allow such practice, while others acknowledge it, even providing a shared property deed and registry.

It is proposed that students develop housing designs for this kind of situation, reseraching its potential and limitations. The lots are to be determined by the students, who will work in pairs, só that each onde is responsible for a unit, negotiating with each other about how to divide or share the lot, street access, open areas and the building itself. The degree of independency or conjunction of the units will depend on this negotiation.

Keywords: housing, lot, division, negotiation

Location: Marize neighborhood (Belo Horizonte)

Area: 360m²

Average declivity: 17%

Solar orientation: Norhwest-Southeast